Lanita Lum
Lanita is a Lower Saucon Township resident, married to Paul Lum. Lives in this community 14 years, rural Wassergass area. Two sons graduated from SVSD - one/NACC student and one/US Navy sailor. We consider our entire community, as OUR home! Lanita is currently a school director, SVSD. As an old curmudgeon - who unbelievably continues to hold a grudge against Lanita for more than 10 years now/she challenged his arrogance & ego - recently pointed out in one of his ramblings on Patch, Lanita is never shy (& does support our Constituional Rights - one should refrain from commenting on a quote reported/news of a public meeting, unless present & understands the discriminatory spirit of that statement.) Lanita will always stand up for herself, her beliefs & the peope/community she loves. She does not tolerate injustice, and will never sugarcoat or portray/spin skittles & rainbows when relaying information...politically correct statements aren't her style! She says it, how she sees it...and articulates an opinion the way many people see it - but are intimidated to say it. She is known for her candor and will scream foul-play without hesitation - no matter the issue: schools, government, business. She prides herself in being an advocate for the "little guy/underdog" & won't hesitate to challenge those that bully, abuse power, seek to control or squash a person's spirit - BEWARE. --"NEVER let anyone/thing take your happiness/spirit!" Or, "we can do this the easy way, or the hard way..." She may not win every battle, but is definitey in it to win the war! She is not in politics (elected school director) to make friends or win the next election. What you see, is what you get! After all, isn't that what a true democracy should represent - an independent thinker that represents a segment of the constituency she serves!? Lanita is PROUD to live in the Saucon Valley and Lehigh Valley community!
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