Senior Spotlight: Tyler Earle

Tyler's story is one of courage, determination, dedication and success.

Saucon Valley senior Tyler Earle has always been the athletic type, having an interest in all types of sports and playing a variety of them. Encouraged by his dad, who is an avid golfer, Tyler began playing golf at just two years old. This early interest in golf had an unexpected interruption, when at the age of two-and-a-half Tyler was run over by riding mower--an accident that resulted in the loss of a leg.

In recounting the accident, Tyler noted that if he had not been knocked into a gulley he might have lost other limbs or even his life. Following the accident he was hospitalized, and as he recovered his father actually designed and crafted his first artifical leg. Although playing golf was put on hold for a time, with the support of family and his desire to lead a life that is as normal as possible, he was determined to continue playing.

Tyler also acquired a love of skiing and on one of many trips to Camelback, he was noticed by Mau Thompson,who invited him to visit Winter Park, Colorado, where the U.S. Paralympic Ski Team trains. Tyler made the trip and after competing in several events was offered the chance to live and train at the National Sports Center in preparation for the 2010 Paralympic games in Vancover, British Columbia. The then-14-year-old gave it some thought, but decided it would be too much to leave family and friends.

Tyler said he decided to "stick with golf." His skills improved and he now regularly beats his dad, although beating his older brother is still a challenge.

As a freshman Tyler joined the Panther Golf team, which he has since helped lead. In fact, he has been ranked as the team's number one player in each of the last three years. The highlight of playing for Saucon Valley was winning the Colonial League Championship in 2009, he said.

"Tyler made my first four years as golf coach a lot easier," said Coach Scott A. Roberts. "We had a lot of success together. We earned 44 wins in the four years and one league championship."

"It is going to be very weird next fall without him on the team," he added.

In addition to golf, Tyler has played lacrosse since he was in seventh grade. When asked why he chose lacrosse, he answered, "It seemed better than baseball."

During his middle school years, Tyler played every position on his lacrosse team except for midfielder. When he entered high school he tried out and made the varsity team, becoming the team's starting goalie during his sophomore year. As a teammate walked from the field following the Panthers' recent 14-3 win over William Allen, he jokingly shouted, "He is the number one goalie but he wears #4!"

Current first-year lacrosse coach Lou Gonzalez glowed when speaking of Tyler's dedication to the game, and his willingness to do everything expected of him in terms of preparation and learning.

Tyler noted that this year's team is more driven and aggressive than teams in past years have been. The Saucon Valley team has been more competitive and he expects the future of lacrosse at Saucon to be bright, as the youth program develops many more skilled players, he said.

In addition to being an accomplished two sport athlete, Tyler is an honor student, likes history and will enroll at Coastal Carolina University, where he will major in Professional Golf Management. He follows the Phillies and said he likes "sports, ladies and Italian food!" 

Tyler has an older brother, Brenton, and is the son of Ronald and Caroline Earle.


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