Spotlight on Kelly and Kevin Schreder

Twins, catchers and team captains at Saucon Valley, Kelly and Kevin's father also caught when he was in high school in California, "so catching is a family tradition."

What would the probability be for a brother and sister to not only play a position that requires physical toughness and total involvement in every defensive play, but also to perform at a high level offensively? Well that is exactly what fraternal twins Kelly and Kevin Schreder have done as catchers on the Panther softball and baseball teams!

, Kelly and Kevin first played on a coed T-ball team in Austin, Texas when they were about five years old. Kevin began playing Little League when he was in first grade and began catching as a 10-year-old. Just before the twins began , the Schreder family relocated to this area. Kevin was able to continue playing baseball, however they discovered that there was no area softball team for Kelly. The solution? Her dad organized a Lower Saucon team that would play in the Lehigh Valley Girls Softball League.

Unlike Kevin, Kelly "did not really like to catch" until she was on the 9/10 All-Star Team in the Hellertown Youth League. The team lacked a catcher, she gave it a try, and as the saying goes "the rest is history." 

Kelly added, "I played for travel teams since I was in 6th grade--the East Norriton Heartbreakers, Doylestown Tuff 'n' Tuffer, Eastern Valley Waves and Allentown Patriettes."

Kevin played for the Bethlehem Astros in the Lehigh Valley League and for a New Jersey travel team, the Diamond Jacks. At the Jack Cust Baseball Academy Kevin also had the opportunity to meet Yankee batting coach Kevin Long, as well as other minor league players. Although the Yankees are his favorite team, growing up in Texas he lists Texas Rangers catcher Ivan Rodriquez as his favorite player.   

Both Schreders had to wait for an opening to become the starting catchers on their respective Panther teams.  

Kelly played 1st and outfield in 9th and 10th grades, taking over the starting catcher position as a junior.  

Softball coach Scott Didra had this to say about his player:

"I have had the extreme pleasure of having Kelly Schreder on my softball team for the last two seasons. They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Kelly Schreder didn’t need a second chance. From the moment I met her at the beginning of last season I could tell she was the 'real deal.' She has a way of 'making my day' every day she steps onto the softball field. She is always smiling and has a great attitude about our team, about playing the game of softball, and about life."

Kelly was voted her team's captain in 2011 and has hit "very well," Didra noted.

"She has a way of leading by example," he said. "She works hard, remains dedicated, and shows genuine concern for all of the players on our team."

"She has been our wall behind the plate this season," he added. "You won't find a better defensive catcher in our league."

Kelly lists "playing with a great group of girls" on the 2011 team and experiencing their 17-0 start as very special. She also played basketball at from ninth through 11th grades. 

Kevin was a designated hitter as a ninth, 10th and 11th-grader before becoming the Panthers' starting catcher in his senior year. 

"Kevin is a very good baseball player," first-year head baseball coach Philip Sams said. "At the plate Kevin is a disciplined hitter who rarely strikes out. Kevin can also hit to all fields. Defensively, I feel Kevin is the best catcher in the league who deserves much more credit than he received. I do not think anyone had a stronger arm than him in the league."

Sams noted that Kevin was one of the team captains this year.

"He does not lead as much vocally as he does with his hard work and play," Sams said. "We will surely miss Kevin next year and he will not be easy to replace."

Kevin lists being a member of the Panther team that played in the District XI AAA Finals game at Coca-Cola Park as his high school career highlight.

Both Schreders like math and are members of the National Honor Society. Kelly will enroll in the Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, while Kevin will also enroll in an engineering program at Penn State.

Kelly said she likes to "hang with friends" and looks forward to her family's summer trips to visit relatives in Los Angeles and San Diego, Calif. In her spare time Kelly works at . Her favorite food is Chinese, especially at .

Kevin also likes to be with friends and play basketball for fun. He has worked at Subway and recommends the pizza at Lorenzo's in Fountain Hill.   

Kelly and Kevin are the children of Brian and Cate Schreder.


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