School Board Discusses Sports Facilities Projects

The field house, the district stadium and sports fields are all in need of repair.

At the Nov. 22 Saucon Valley School Board meeting, representatives from The Architectural Studio provided their recommendations for the most pressing .

The Architectural Studio representatives explained that the district's field house and stadium should be considered top priorities due to a number of structural and plumbing repairs that need to be made and HVAC issues that need to be addressed. In addition, the district's insurance company is requiring that some safety upgrades be made to the stadium.

"That is a deplorable situation we have now," board member Charles Bartolet said, with regard to the field house.

The low bid to improve the field house is about $2.44 million, while the low bid for the stadium upgrades--including the safety upgrades required by the district's insurance company--is $149,000.

If the field house is renovated, a new locker room for visitors would be added on to the existing building, and a new weight room (with restrooms) would be built, as well as a trainer's room.

A third priority, as recommended by The Architectural Studio, is the district’s soccer field. The low bid for this improvement is $57,680.

Other athletic facilities upgrades under consideration are six-lane track improvements for a low bid of $457,000 and field hockey field improvements for a low bid of $271,000.

Superintendent Sandra Fellin said she would like to look into the possibility of installing an all-weather football field. She said she did some research and found that it would cost about $500,000.

However, The Architectural Studio told Fellin that due to the district’s subdrains, the cost would likely be higher--closer to $700,000. TAS representatives also told Fellin that if the district decides to install the all-weather field, they should wait to improve the track--again, due to the subdrains.

Parent Lori Kern asked about the district’s baseball field. She told the school board that the varsity baseball team only played one home game and had very little practice time this year due to flooding on the fields.

“This was a very unusual year,” Fellin said. “It was an extremely wet, wet season.”

Bartolet suggested looking at using Hellertown's for baseball.

School board member Lanita Lum said she would like to hear a presentation on community fields before she makes a vote on the field renovations.

“The public would like to know prior to (the school board) making field decisions,” she said. “I’m trying to prevent, down the road, someone saying we have the space.”

“We should hold off on the fields, but get started on the field house,” said Bartolet.

The sports facilities will be discussed again at the board's December meetings.

GrowUpSaucon December 02, 2011 at 06:22 PM
"considered top priorities" , "deplorable situation", "2.44 million dollars" , "all weather football field @ $ 700.000" , "hold off on the fields but get started on the field house".... I bet if my girls were boys and played on Saucon Valley's football team....not only would they have a safe bus stop and route {from a convicted sex offender} ...they would each have THEIR OWN BUS! Paula
George December 02, 2011 at 06:40 PM
I am surprised that Paula was so late in discussing bus stops and sex offenders.
Terri Simpson December 02, 2011 at 08:28 PM
Paula, It's true they can make a quick decision about spending millions of taxpayer money and they refuse to move a bus stop makes no sense and cost nothing. In history we see that people had to fight and die for there rights because common sense of decency is gone. I know it's been difficult for you now we have someone that is a coward that won't use there real name to mock you. Your a wonderful mom and a great person you ARE doing the right thing. Fellin has no children so she will never understand!
GrowUpSaucon December 02, 2011 at 08:53 PM
Get over it SV! You are so wrong! PS- I love the name "GrowUpPaula". It shows I am getting to you. The sad part is if you notice nobody else here is thrilled about this situation either, but who do you choose to attack? ME. Why? Because you would like nothing more than for me to go away. Unfortunately, my children's safety comes WAY before your silly childish ways. Please redirect yourself and focus on removing our children from a convicted violent child rapi*t.Again, remember: At the end of the day..it is what it is... SV proudly places children in arms reach of sex offenders.
GrowUpSaucon December 02, 2011 at 09:01 PM


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