Saucon Valley Presents Year End Athletic Awards

Okken, Lightner are named Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

's auditorium was the setting for the Saucon Valley Winter and Spring athletic awards ceremony last week, as well as special year end awards. The awards were preceded by a punch and cookie reception where students and parents mingled. Tables held the many letters earned by Panther athletes during the three seasons of sports in the district. 

The awards ceremony was kicked off by Robert Frey, Saucon Valley Athletic Director, who reviewed the many outstanding seasons and awards the district and its athletes have accumulated over the past year. These included Colonial League championships in Girls Cross Country and Boys Basketball, as well individual and team awards in Golf, Cross Country, and Track and Field. 

The following students were honored for their athletic prowess at the ceremony:



Boys Basketball:


            Tom Stern Outstanding JV Player: Josh Hough

Girls Basketball:

            MVP: Karine Polgar

            Outstanding Senior:

            Outstanding JV: Bridget Gilmore


            MVP: Patrick Miller (Boys) – Rebekah Evangelista (Girls)

            Outstanding Senior: (Boys) – (Girls)     

            Most Improved: Paul Houck (Boys) – Elizabeth Chikotas and Alexa Korinchak (Girls)



            Outstanding Senior:

            Most Improved: Paul Sloand


            MVP: Halina McCain

            Outstanding Senior: Amanda Kirka

            Most Improved: Meghan McCullough




            MVP: Brandon Shuck

            Outstanding Senior:

            Most Improved: Dan O’Connell


            MVP: Courtney Cawley

            Outstanding Senior:

            Most Improved: Courtney Laub

Boys Tennis:

            MVP: Gavin Coyne

            Outstanding Senior: Joshua Beedle

            Most Improved: David Bertz 

Girls Soccer:

            MVP: Quanie Lightner

            Outstanding Senior:

            Most Improved: Jess Fennon

Track & Field:

            MVP: Spencer Felix (Boys) – Alyssa Lombardo (Girls)

            Outstanding Senior: Kyle Lascelle (Boys) – Sarah Kish (Girls)          

            Most Improved: Nathan Fritzinger (Boys) – Katie Kennedy (Girls)

Boys Lacrosse:


            Outstanding Senior:

            Outstanding JV: Josh Hershey

 Girls Lacrosse:


            Outstanding Senior: Kristy Evans

            Outstanding JV: Tatianna Campia



U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete: Ian Gimbar / Melissa Boyd

U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award: Paul Sloand / Samantha Marri

Ernie Savakis Award (Memorial Scholarship): Jonathan Pearson / Sara Baab

Steven C. Shermetta Memorial Scholarship: Jason Okken / Kristi Ferrani

Courage Award: Tyler Earle

Leadership Award: Melissa Boyd

Sportsmanship Award: Eric Frans

Team Spirit Award: Matt Figeuroa

Volunteer of the Year Award: Mrs. Pat Diehl

Colonial League Academic All-Stars: Patrick Kowalski / Samantha DaSilva

Male Athlete of the Year: Jason Okken

Female Athlete of the Year: Quantera Lightner



Boys Soccer:

            Most Improved: Nate Robinson

            Outstanding Senior: Jake Schuyler

            MVP: Sam Poli

Cross Country:

            Most Improved: Nate Fritzinger (Boys) - Alexandra Evangelista (Girls)

            Outstanding Senior: Andrew Stauffer (Boys) - Megan Stack (Girls)

            MVP: Andrew Stauffer (Boys) - Sarah Kish (Girls)


            JV MVP: Kenny Solt

            Outstanding Senior: Jason Okken

            MVP: Ian Gimbar

Field Hockey:

            JV MVP: Katie Kennedy

            Outstanding Senior: Courtney Cawley and Samantha DaSilva

            MVP: Melissa Boyd


            Most Improved: Ethan Sinko

            Outstanding Senior: Tyler Earle

            MVP: Troy Heffelfinger


            Most Improved: Sara Baab

            Outstanding Senior: Steph Mettler

            MVP: Danielle Van Buren

 Girls Tennis:

            Most Improved: #2 Doubles Team Emily Folenta & Debbie Martin

            Outstanding Senior: Quanie Lightner

            MVP: Katrina Bohnhorst


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