NCC Announces Names of Local Dean's List Students

Northampton Community College in Bethlehem Township has announced that the following local students were recently named to its Fall 2011 Dean's List.

The following students from Hellertown have been named to the Fall 2011 Dean's List at Northampton Community College:

Joseph Antonelli, Diane Bachman, Marian Barshinger, David Blair, Fawn Blanco, Jason Britland, Jennifer Brown, Katlyn Burns, Elizabeth Conte, Forrest Cummings, Mary Diehl, Alison Erdman, Alyssia Feist, Bryanna Fetzer, Gary Figore, Trisha Filo, Amy Frey, Amber Hackman, Laura Halsel, Johanna Harrison, Allison Hutterer, Dane Janas, Brandon Karasinski, Matthew Kehs, David Kempf, Lyndsey Kincaid, Markus Kincaid, Samuel Konstantinov, Kyle Lascelle, Emma Marek, Kimberly Margolis, Katherine Martin, Marshall Martin, Ian McMillen, Brielle Mertus, Cailee Nicholas, Mark Palladino, Amber Petchonka, Ellen Powers, Daniel Quay, Stephanie Sears, Shayna Snyder, Andrew Stauffer, Catherine Stehlin, Claire Surovi, Christopher Szilagyi, Ethan Szvetecz, Miles Toth, Matthew Tumolo, Alyssa Villegas, Megan Willemet, Harold Wisner, Frances Wolfson

--Information courtesy of Northampton Community College

Marybeth January 20, 2012 at 05:26 PM
St. Theresa School would like to congratulate their outstanding alumni! Congratulations to Trisha Filo, Amy Frey, Allison Hutterer, Christopher Szilagyi and Miles Toth! Way to go!
Barbara Scherer January 21, 2012 at 06:45 PM
Congratulations to Ellen Powers!


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