Mosaic Mural Dedicated at Elementary School

The mural that was dedicated at Saucon Valley Elementary School Sept. 21 was inspired by the story "How Night Came from the Sea."

By Lisa Moughan/Saucon Valley Foundation for Educational Innovation

Saucon Valley Elementary School principal Ro Frey assembled the fifth grade students on Sept. 21 to celebrate the dedication of a special piece of artwork--a mosaic created by the class that will be permanently displayed in the courtyard.

The mosaic mural was inspired by the story "How Night Came from the Sea." It is a story from Brazil and is retold by Mary-Joan Gerson and illustrated by Carla Golembe. It is one of the collections of stories that the school's fourth-graders read. 

The mosaic was funded by a grant from the Saucon Valley Foundation for Educational Innovation (SVFEI) at the request of elementary art teacher Jackie Roumeliotis.

According to Ms. Roumeliotis, the mosaic image on the wall is of Lemanja with her hands outspread, dispersing the night and its creatures. In between the large pieces are ceramic fish, birds, stars and the moon that all seem to add cohesion to the entire mosaic. It is really an amazing work of art that will give delight for years to come. 

Ms. Roumeliotis invited Kim Hogan, an artist from the Banana Factory, to create the design and assist last year’s fourth-grade students with the project.

According to Ms. Hogan, the glass tiles will never fade, regardless of excessive sun or extreme weather, so many future classes will be able to enjoy this beautiful artwork.

Congratulations to all those involved and to SVFEI (www.svfoundation.net), which funded the project.

Allan Bach October 07, 2012 at 01:41 PM
This mural, representing a Brazilian story of how night was made, is based on the book mentioned in the article. When a daughter of African goddess Iemanja leaves her ocean home to marry "a son of the earth people," she sorely misses the cool cover of darkness, the shady mantle of dusk. Only a bag of night from her mother's kingdom can restore her happiness, and soon the earth people come to know the beauty of night. A good complement would be a mural based on the story of "How Light Came From the Creator". Since it is a story based on the Judeo-Christian belief, I don't think it will happen, for public school districts believe in "separation of Church and State". They approve a mural that represents Candombl‚ the African Religion that merges African gods with Catholic saints, yet will not approve anything Christian. Paradox among paradoxes.
Gerry Kranz October 07, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Totally correct, Allan. Our public school could not possibly have anything representing the culture and background of the dominant beliefs in this country. We can certainly celebrate the bastardized folk tales of some backwater, insignificant wood-carvers (hakkuna matata!), but try and put a Santa decoration up at Christmas and the ALCU will descend upon the district with self-righteous smirks and fake piety of purpose. Western European culture founded and grew this country, and we are forced to renounce it at every turn.
Paula October 07, 2012 at 09:29 PM
Once again...a case of poor leadership (poor decision making-on the superintendent and the school boards part).
Sarah Connor April 04, 2013 at 03:45 PM
How can she make any decisions she is never in her office. Was she the one who picked the new pricipal who is rude. Must have gotten her a good price...wait don't we pay more taxes now...? What exactly do we pay for...rude school personnel and nasty principals?


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