A Mother's Christmas Wish for Her Son: Healing Prayers

Hellertown mom Brenda Sanchez is reaching out for prayers for her son, Jose "Angel" Mojica, 15, as he continues his struggle with leukemia.

Hellertown mom Brenda Sanchez has one Christmas wish this year: for her son, 15-year-old Jose "Angel" Mojica, to be cancer-free. Angel has been fighting an aggressive, chemotherapy-resistant form of leukemia for several years. Last year his wish for Christmas was for a bone marrow donor. His wish was granted and he had a successful transplant nine months ago.

At Thanksgiving, as Angel enjoyed the holiday at home with his family, he began counting the months until he could return to school at Saucon Valley. With Christmas just weeks away, Angel and his family looked forward to a very merry Christmas together at home. Then, 281 days post-transplant, the unthinkable happened: Angel started to feel weak.  

Unfortunately, a return to school will not happen this February as Angel had hoped. The pain and weakness that overcame Angel turned out to be a rare form of relapse. Instead of returning to school, Angel faces several courses of chemotherapy, followed by radiation and ultimately, yet another bone marrow transplant.

As Angel begins his treatment once again, his family is reaching out and asking for prayers. They have a strong faith and believe greatly in the power of prayer.

Brenda would also like to thank everyone who sent cards and letters last year, lifting them in prayer and kindness. While she tried to personally thank everyone, it was hard for her to keep up with the thank you notes.  

It has been said before that it takes a village to raise a child. Here’s hoping our village can send strong prayers of healing to Angel and his family. This is one Christmas wish I hope can be granted.

Cindy Cicero December 25, 2012 at 05:42 AM
God Bless you and your family, He will be in my prayers. Merry Christmas


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