Township Traffic Lights Now Have Battery Back-Ups

Battery back-up systems have been installed at six signalized intersections in Lower Saucon Township. The back-ups were purchased in the wake of two major power outages in 2011 and 2012.

The next time a power outage affects Lower Saucon Township, the township's intersections with traffic lights will be better prepared—and motorists will likely be safer.

The township announced on its website recently that six signalized intersections have been equipped with battery backup systems designed to power their traffic lights during "short-term outages."

At the same time, the lights in the signals were upgraded to LEDs.

The backup systems were installed "because of the power outages during the Halloween storm in 2011 which shut down the traffic signals at...major intersections in the township, causing delays and unsafe traveling conditions," the township said in the news release posted on its website.

Funding for them came in the form of a 2012 grant from the Northampton County Gaming and Economic Redevelopment Authority, which awarded Lower Saucon Township $53,430.

"Bids were advertised in early 2013 and we received four bids, with the lowest being $38,265," the township said. The backup systems have been installed at the following Lower Saucon intersections:

  • Puggy Lane and Route 378
  • Seidersville Road and Route 378
  • Saucon Square shopping center entrance and Route 378
  • Black River Road and Route 378
  • Bingen and Hickory Hill roads
  • Creekside Marketplace (Giant) shopping center and Route 412

In addition to the battery backup systems, "for longer outages, the township also purchased generators which the Public Works Department will hook up to each of the signals to supply continuous power until electric service is restored," Lower Saucon Township announced.


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