Highest Paid in Lower Saucon Twp: Manager, Police Chief

Information about Lower Saucon Township's highest-paid employees was revealed by a recent Right-to-Know request.

Are you curious to know how much Lower Saucon Township employees make? If you pay municipal taxes as a resident or business owner, the answer to that question is most likely "yes."

And you're in luck, because a recent Right-to-Know request by Lehigh Valley Live resulted in the release of a list of township employees' 2012 W-2 earnings.

According to that list, the township's manager, Jack Cahalan, and its chief of police, Guy Lesser, were the two highest paid employees last year, earning $84,387.34 and $83,641.32 respectively.

In addition to Lesser, police officers make up the rest of the Top 10, which is not unusual given the fact that local police often earn more than their base salaries by working overtime.

Below are the Top 15 earners on the list (for the complete list, click here):

Jack Cahalan, Township Manager - $84,387.34

Guy Lesser, Chief of Police - $83,641.32

Tom Louder, Police Officer - $83,483.33

David Roxberry, Police Officer - $81,155.89

Tom Barndt, Police Sergeant - $80,965.93

Charles Werkheiser, Police Officer - $79,419.96

Robert Winters, Police Officer - $78,775.04

Tim Connell, Police Corporal - $78,524.63

Keith Bredbenner, Police K-9 Officer - $77,640.33

Chris Leidy, Police Investigator - $76,622.81

Eric Marth, Police Officer - $76,380.77

Willie Shelly, Police Officer - $73,139.53

Kyle Haggerty, Police D.A.R.E. Officer - $72,869.47

James Connell, Police Officer - $72,173.47

Chris Garges, Zoning Officer - $65,666.70

Mary Anne Looby February 24, 2013 at 05:29 PM
Since this is showing what the police officers make utilizing over time, what is the base salary for these guys. These numbers make it look like they make a lot, but not if the overtime is what is boosting their pay. And if they have to work hours and hours of overtime to make these wages, does that say we are spreading them too thin, working them longer then they should in an already stressful job, or forcing them to work overtime in order to maintain a lifestyle where at least one parent can be in the home some of the time, or is it just a question of are we short staffed in this area?


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