Township Council Approves Animal Shelter Contract

Lower Saucon Township officials announced, however, that they will continue to look for more desirable alternatives for dealing with strays.

At their Dec. 21 meeting, Lower Saucon Township Council members voted 4-0 to .

Council members—except Sandra Yerger, who was absent for the meeting—all , but voted to approve it because there are currently no other alternatives for dealing with strays in the township.

“Unfortunately, it’s the only game in town,” said township manager Jack Cahalan, who reviewed the 2012 contract with council members.

Cahalan noted some of the changes and increasing costs the township will be faced with under the terms of the new contract. The agreement now includes cats and will allow residents to bring in wandering animals. Previously, only the police were allowed to take dogs to the shelter.

In addition, the cost per animal drop-off has increased from $100 to $150. After the first 10 pit bulls dropped off, the cost per pit bull will double to $300.

The contract also states that the center can suspend drop-offs due to space limitations at the shelter.

One part of the contract made it a bit easier for council members to accept it, however. The contract can be cancelled with 30 days' notice.

“At first I was uncomfortable with the agreement, but since it is open-ended we can cancel it if it gets out of hand,” said council president Glenn Kern.

Council member Priscilla deLeon proposed the idea of utilizing a dog rescue organization.

“We could put out a plea (to dog rescues),” she said.” I’d rather see it go to a rescue.”

“That is a good idea, but the only problem is the first 48 hours. We don’t have any place to house the dog (or cat),” Cahalan said.

DeLeon said she would inquire about Hellertown’s animal policy at the next Saucon Valley Partnership meeting.

, and .

The township will continue to look for alternatives in the meantime.

Jessica Schwickrath December 30, 2011 at 05:32 AM
This was a great decision. Just an FYI to Pricilla, The Center IS a rescue organization. I think that everyone needs to see that The Center is not putting this contract in place in order to become rich. They put these fees in place so that they have money to take proper care of the 100s of dogs and cats who are brought to them each year. They are non profit, and rely on these fees and donations in order to be able to keep the place running for these animals that people have lost or thrown away;-( If there is anything that the borough should spend more money, it is definetly the welfare of its taxpayers beloved animals.
Daniel Schwickrath December 31, 2011 at 12:37 AM
I have to agree with Jessica and not just because we share the same last name. This is great news. Strays often need more then just a place to wait it out, they need proper medical care among other things. However I strongly recommend the council and its members educate themselves on what goes on at the Center. To infer that they are profiting off these abandoned and or neglected animals by implying they are not a rescue group "I’d rather see it go to a rescue" is not only ignorant but makes me question the competence of them.
Priscilla deLeon December 31, 2011 at 05:49 PM
I do know that the Center is a “rescue” organization and support their mission. My response was regarding a possible situation if the Center would suspend the acceptance of animals if there were space limitations [per the contract]. LST would then, as I was told at the council meeting on 12/21, have to call the State Dog Warden. I asked if we could get in touch with “other” rescues. Council meetings are open to the public and you always have the opportunity to comment. If you are not on the email list to receive advanced agendas, please visit the www.lowersaucontownship.org and click on “join our email list”.


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