Former Union Head to Challenge Simmons

Former Easton Area teachers union president Kevin Deely has announced that he will run as a Democrat for the 131st District seat.

Easton Area High School English teacher Kevin Deely has announced his candidacy for state House seat in the upcoming election.

The 131st legislative district, which Simmons currently represents, includes a portion of Lower Saucon Township, and Simmons' district office is located in the township.

According to the Express-Times, Deely--a former president of the Easton Area teachers union--will run as a Democrat and hopes to help change the government culture at the state level. Deely has accused Simmons, a freshman Republican, of being absent for crucial votes and of siding with big business interests, the article indicates.

Simmons countered Deely's claims by pointing to his record of breaking ranks with party members on several key votes; accused him of being beholden to teachers; and stated that Deely is "'living in a fantasy world,'" according to the article.

In June, . The has been disrupted by two teacher strikes within the last four years.

Simmons that would .

GrowUpSaucon January 05, 2012 at 11:34 PM
We respect and appreciate Rep. Simmons and everything he and his staff stand for.
Robert Sentner June 15, 2012 at 12:03 PM
President of a teachers union, are you kidding me. Who in there right mind would vote for someone with those credentials ???
Mark Redfox June 21, 2012 at 05:57 PM
I would like to know what credentials Justin Simmons had when he took office? I have emailed Justin with a couple of questions about leglislation that he voted for, he never had an answer for me right away. It wasnt that he didnt have the time to answer me it was that he didnt know the answers. He seems more like a puppet than an actual polition. He is told by the republican party to indorse leglislation and to vote a certain way and he blindly follows. I personally would like someone in office that would actually know what they are voting on, not just do as they are told. Justin Simmons has done nothing to help the working class, Infact he has blindly signed leglislation that was designed purely to put more burdin on us. Vote Justin out before he does the working class more damage.


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