Councilman Expresses Concern About Intersection

Lower Saucon Township Councilman Ron Horiszny asked Aug. 15 if anything can be done to help slow down motorists at the intersection of Black River and Bingen roads.

Safety at a well-traveled 'T-intersection' in Lower Saucon Township is concerning to a township councilman.

At council's Aug. 15 meeting, Ron Horiszny said the intersection of Black River and Bingen roads has been the scene of several accidents recently.

Horiszny said "excessive speeds" are related to some of the problems at the intersection, where eastbound motorists on Black River Road are required to stop and yield to north- or southbound motorists on Bingen Road.


Police also reported in May that an Upper Saucon motorist would be cited for a stop sign violation for an accident she allegedly caused as she turned from Black River Road onto Bingen.

Police said that accident occurred when Patricia Graf proceeded forward to turn left and struck a vehicle that was turning from Bingen onto Black River.

Horiszny asked if the township's public works department could take a look at the intersection to determine if anything can be done to help make it safer.

Angela Pozza August 24, 2012 at 07:23 PM
If you're coming from near the Promenade and going to the north end of Hellertown, that way doesn't really work too well. Maybe you should move if it's that bad? I really don't think people are going to stop driving through there anytime soon, it's just the way it is and a lot of people do have places that they need to get to in some time frame (I'm not saying it's okay to do mach 9 through there but it is frustrating to have to drive through there for work and have people doing well UNDER the speed limit because they have nothing better to do than head over to the Country Club on Saucon Valley.) Just my thoughts - I don't really care all that much - put whatever you want at that intersection, I still don't think it will deter traffic.
Mary Anne Looby August 24, 2012 at 09:16 PM
@Andrew Wilt, I do think it is a possibity. As someone who travels that way multiple times a day, I would have no objection to a three way stop. @Angela, if you're coming from the Promenade and going to the north end of Hellertown, why wouldn't you stay on 378 until you reached Seidersville Road? Do you know what the speed limit is on Bingen Road? I also think you comment that the people heading to SVCC have nothing better to do is rude and also very telling. You apparently are still of the mindset of many years ago when this area was considered the have and the have nots. That mentality is long gone for most of us who have lived here 20 years or less. Bethlehem Steel is long gone, as is their hold on the area. In addition many of those people have earned the right to spend their retirement and free time, any way they want. If driving at a safe speed works for them, it should work for all of us. There are kids, walkers and bike riders on Bingen Road.. You never know when you will come upon one of them.
Mary Anne Looby August 24, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Not to mention the tons of deer!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angela Pozza August 24, 2012 at 11:07 PM
Anddd this is why I don't comment on these things hardly ever. I have better things to do, like work my 3 jobs. Enjoy arguing over such ridiculous things and going to the country club. There are more important things in life. Maybe I'll see you as I drive through there as a non-resident everyday. And yes I do know the speed limit - I'm married to a cop and work in emergency services - thanks.
Mary Anne Looby August 24, 2012 at 11:43 PM
It is really frustrating when someone's comments are questioned and they get all in a huff. Angela, by your own words you live in Hellertown. You cannot know the day to day trafic on Bingen Road, it is physically impossible, just as it would be impossible for me to know what the traffic is on your street. I wonder how you would feel if people were flying by your home on motorcycles, or your baby was awakened by the rumbling of a tractor trailer? You are entitiled, as is everyone, to have an opinion regaarding the intersection, however I do not think you are qualified to speak to what it like to listen to the traffic. Right now I can hear some idiots stereo bass thrumping into the evening air.


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