Council Adopts New Borough Logo

Council members praised the updated logo design, which was created by Hellertown architect Maria Diaz-Joves with input from members of the Borough Business Revitalization Committee.

Hellertown officially has a new logo with which to brand itself.

Borough council unanimously approved the updated logo design presented by Maria Diaz-Joves, of the Hellertown Borough Business Revitalization Committee, on Nov. 19.

The colorful design features the easily recognizable Detwiller Plaza clock tower, along with a pathway, pedestrians, a bicyclist, a dog-walker, a treeline representative of natural areas, and the statement: "Borough of Hellertown - Cherishing our past, embracing the future."

The borough's year of incorporation (1872) is also commemorated within the circular logo, which will be featured on official letterhead and elsewhere.

Diaz-Joves, who is a member of the committee and a Hellertown-based architect, explained that discussions about an updated logo began in the spring, when the HBBRP announced a logo design contest.

A lack of entries led committee members back to the drawing board, and brainstorming within the group began at that point.

Diaz-Joves volunteered her professional expertise for the project, which went through several revisions as discussions continued into the fall.

"We wanted to come up with something that both had some classical elements and tradition, but at the same time it was cleaner and modern and had some of the elements of…today," Diaz-Joves explained, adding that it was important to include the clock tower as one of the "identifying elements of Hellertown."

The former borough seal--which the logo replaces--is at least 40 years old, and featured an airplane and several other iconic images from Hellertown's past.

Councilman Tom Rieger commended Diaz-Joves and the BBRP for their efforts on the new logo.

"They spent quite a few meetings on this," he told council. "As a whole I think the committee did a great job."

Councilwoman Gail Nolf said she particularly liked the fact that a sunset was incorporated into the design.

"Hellertown has one of the most beautiful sunsets," she said, before making the motion that resulted in the new logo's adoption.

Mary Anne Looby December 02, 2012 at 09:14 PM
Very attractive logo.


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