Borough Authority Park Fountain Could Be Restored

Hellertown Borough Council was told that Joe Delfoe wants to help restore the stone fountain in Borough Authority Park, near Rentzheimer Drive. Delfoe is responsible for maintaining the fountain in Detwiller Plaza.

Hellertown's already well-known for the iconic fountain that bubbles and sprays in Detwiller Plaza, but there's another fountain that could also become an attractive landmark, borough council members were told Oct. 1.

The historic stone fountain in Borough Authority Park--near Durham Street and Rentzheimer Drive--has been silent for too long, according to resident and volunteer Joe Delfoe, who reportedly wants to help reactivate it.

Delfoe is the civic-minded president of the Plaza Clock Tower Association, which helps to maintain both the clock tower and the fountain in Detwiller Plaza.

Councilman Mike McKenna told council that Delfoe's proposed restoration of the Borough Authority Park fountain would return it to functionality.

However, the wedding cake-style fountain would not be outfitted with the multicolored lights that illuminate the Detwiller fountain, he said.

Delfoe was not present at the meeting, and councilman Tom Rieger said he'd like to consider the proposal once an estimate for the project is available.

Borough Manager Cathy Kichline said council has annually budgeted $2,000 for maintenance of the Detwiller Plaza fountain.

Diverting money from that "fountain fund" for the restoration of the Borough Authority Park fountain would be possible at council's discretion, she said.

Council President Phil Weber then recommended that the matter be revisted when Delfoe is available to discuss it before council.


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