Teens Charged in Facebook Threat Case

Lower Saucon Township police have announced charges against two 16-year-olds who were allegedly involved in making a threat via Facebook.

In a press release issued late Wednesday,  announced the filing of charges against two juveniles allegedly involved in using the popular social media site Facebook to make a threat.

Police said both juveniles charged are 16 years old and identified one of the two as male. Police did not specify the gender of the other juvenile charged.

In the press release, police said the male juvenile is charged with disorderly conduct, and that the other juvenile has been charged with disorderly conduct and terroristic threats.

Police did not specify who was threatened, but listed the location of the alleged incident as 2100 Polk Valley Road, which is the address of .

The date of the alleged incident was given as Dec. 16, 2011, which was the same day the .

In the news alert, the district said "the focus of the messages is directed at a single individual.... In response, that individual has made a generic threat against those that were messaging, along with a school (related) reference of harm."

The district said it was working with law enforcement officials to address the situation, as well as putting extra security measures in place and contacting the parents of students involved. After-school elementary and middle school activities were also canceled Friday.

On Monday afternoon, Dec. 19, superintendent Sandra Fellin issued a recorded update about the investigation that was relayed to parents via the SchoolMessenger notification system.

In the message, Fellin said law enforcement officials had spoken to several individuals that "were involved in the Facebook situation."

"They believe that there is no--no--validity to the threat, and that the schools are safe," Fellin said.

Andrew Wilt December 22, 2011 at 02:21 PM
Instilling fear in others can be a powerful tool...no matter who does it.
Karen Samuels December 22, 2011 at 03:08 PM
Some of our children have a really rough time during the middle school-high school years. It is a special kind of insanity that only when one becomes older do things seem to calm down. Hang in there parents, these years will be over before you know it.
Barbara Scherer February 18, 2012 at 07:56 PM
I am in the Golden Years but I was also a teenager a long time ago. In those days our parents brought us up to respect others, no matter who it was. The worst thing that I remember was boys getting into fistfights. When the fight was over, that was the end of it. Unfortunately many parents today do not instill this respect at home. What can you expect from kids who are pampered, given money, and left to do what they want to do. .Some parents let their daughters dress like hookers to go to school and in the public eye because they want to be "in style". I raised a daughter and she wore what we said she could wear. Not in a million years would she be wearing something where everything she owned was hanging out. She actually lived through the experience and now makes sure her sons dress appropriately. Excuses......excuses........excuses. I am tired of people, including parents, making excuses for why their kids go astray and blame everyone but themselves. IF PARENTS WOULD DO THEIR JOB FIRST, THERE WOULDN'T BE SO MANY PROBLEMS TO BEGIN WITH. KIDS LEARN WHAT THEY ARE TAUGHT AND FROM THEIR ENVIRONMENT. OH YES........WE ALSO HAD SINGLE PARENTS RAISING CHILDREN IN THOSE DAYS, AND THOSE KIDS ALSO DID FINE. Call me an old fogey if you wish, but I am proud to have raised two successful children who are now raising their own to be respectful. THINK ABOUT IT....................


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