Profiles in Volunteerism: Firefighter Matt Skibo

Matt Skibo is a volunteer firefighter with Dewey Fire Company No. 1 in Hellertown.

Name: Matt Skibo

Age: 28

Lives in: Hellertown

Job: EMT, Lieutenant and Firefighter

Fire company:

Training so far: Essentials, Vehicle Rescue, Hazmat Operations, Incident Command, Firefighter 1, EMT, etc.

What's being a firefighter like?

“It’s fulfilling. You’re really not going to experience this kind of stuff watching TV. You’re not going to know what it’s like unless you come out and do it. It’s a rush, it’s fun, and it’s rewarding. It gives you a sense of worth.”

How do your loved ones feel about you putting your life in danger?

“My mom really isn’t okay with it. She’s proud of what I do but she’s always scared. Otherwise, my dad doesn’t stop asking, 'What was your last call?' and stuff like that. He’s for it. My mom is for it too but she’s a little afraid sometimes.”

Tell us a story you'll never forget about your firefighting experience.

“Myself and an assistant chief from were off-duty going to fix his mom’s car. There was a wreck that was dispatched on I-78, a crossover. A We were the first ones on scene because we were right down the road on 309. He was a Class Five, which is a DOA. I went to the car and quick checked on him. The woman was in a minivan. The whole front of the minivan was crushed. She had some severe leg injuries. Basically, I had no gear on and had to smash the window and provide EMS care to her at that point. That one really sticks in my head just because there are a lot of other factors within that call. It has stuck with me and I won’t forget it.”

What would you tell people interested in joining your fire company?

“Definitely at least come down and check it out. If you have a slight inclination that you might want to do it, just come down. It’s not for everybody. There is some stuff you’ll see that you may never want to see again. You may come back or you may stay with it. It’s a great bunch of guys down here. We’re really like a family. Everybody always talks about the brotherhood of the fire department and it kind of sounds cheesy but we have that. We have a lot of good guys, whether it’s the fire or EMS side. We stick together.”

Bob Linney May 17, 2012 at 01:48 PM
Matt, aka Skibo, is one of #1's very best. He's fun to be around and will help anybody out - especially if you're a new volunteer!!!


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