Police Warn About 'Weed Candy'

Police in a nearby county have warned parents about the possible spread of THC-laced candy.

Parents should be on the lookout for "weed candy."

A report on WPVI Channel 6's website says that hard candy that looks like a Jolly Rancher but is made with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, was found recently in Upper Merion Township, near Philadelphia.

Upper Merion Police Detective Andrew Rathfon told 6ABC that a parent brought them the candy and asked to have it tested.

Parents should look for "unwrapped or re-wrapped candies that look like Jolly Ranchers," the report said.

Rathfon also said the candy could be laced with other drugs or hazardous material.

It's often made in someone's home, so people who ingest it are "trusting whoever made that substance. It's scary," he said.

"It's something parents should know about," said Limerick Township Police Chief William Albany, who posted a warning about the new drug form on the department's Facebook page.

MR Otis January 23, 2013 at 01:54 PM
This story amuses me. Drugs aren't free and kids don't have money. If you are a parent that suspects your child. Make sure they don't have any cash. Only reason these candies exist is because smoking it smells and police are harassing plant users. These forms of marijuana are not pushed they are asked for. Also they are not easy to make. The article assumed that harmful materials might find there way into the candies. We'll I guess the Sellers are not looking for return customers. These people must be pure evil lol give me a break. Protect our kids and leave the responsible tax paying adults alone.
MR Otis January 23, 2013 at 02:12 PM
Candies like these are medicine for those who can't smoke. People suffering from wasting syndrome, cancer, there are many ailments that hinder your ability to eat or use your lungs properly. Just because it's a candy does not mean it's for kids. If anything we have done that ourselves. Candy is already not good for kids. Juvenile diabetes is an epidemic. Sugar is a harmful substance people that kills. Weed candy never killed anyone lol. The channel six website article says that these products are not even approved by the FDA or made in a lab, like the FDA has never approved anything that harmed people. How many commercials do we see "1800 bad drug" are you a relative of a person that died for this drug? Please. The FDA approves all the food we buy all the drus prescribed and Americans are fat, sick and nearly dead.
Mary B. January 23, 2013 at 04:57 PM
Please do not imply that Juvenile (type 1) Diabetes is from eating too much sugar or too much of anything for that matter. Being inflicted with Juvenile Diabetes has NOTHING to do with eating too much sugar; it is caused most likely by an autoimmune response and is not even entirely understood by the medical community. Children with Juvenile diabetes and their families are often blamed for "causing" the disease due to poor eating habits. This is simply not the truth. Children (and adults) with type 1 diabetes are usually active, non obese people. Thank you for your sensitivity with this issue in the future.


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