Bank Card Stolen From Shady Lane Resident, Police Say

Lower Saucon Township Police say Jason W. McMillan, 38, of the 900 block of Broad Street, Philadelphia, used a bank credit card stolen from a local resident to illegally obtain cash.

A Philadelphia man is accused of using a stolen bank credit card to obtain cash from a victim who resides on Shady Lane in Lower Saucon Township.

According to a news release from township police, Jason W. McMillan, 38, of the 900 block of Broad Street, used the stolen card to obtain $100 in cash in late January.

In addition to his one successful attempt, police say an investigation revealed that McMillan made 35 unsuccessful attempts to withdraw cash using the card.

Police said McMillan has been charged with access device fraud, criminal attempt of access device fraud, theft and receiving stolen property.

Lisa wheeler March 13, 2013 at 04:58 PM
I know both parties and this is not the first time tifani rosati accussed jason and other men that she dates of false charges Everyone knows that jason was not around her in jan. If a guy doesnt want to be with tifani she tries to put them jail Back in the early 90's she also accused a 2 guys of raping her in college And in 06' she accused jason of hitting her But soon as he agree to be with her she dropped the charges Something have to be done bout this woman She's using the system to get her way Plus they have a child together. Right now she upset bcuz he has a daughter that he takes care of. When is this is gonna stop? The hellertown police department knows her whole family Thats why her name was not in the paper Justice needs to be done for females that lie to the police To get men in trouble that doesnt want to be with the female. She makes us females look bad. My advice to Jason Is to sue her and the police station Just bcuz he's a black male doesnt mean he a bad person So like I told jason He's has alot of support in easton and in NYC AND he needs to call the ncaacp


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