Police: Heroin Found Near Dead Strip Club Worker

Amy Soule, a 26-year-old employee of an Allentown gentlemen's club, was found nude in a Bethlehem Township man's bed Wednesday. Her death is still labeled as suspicious.

Police found heroin in the bedroom of a suburban Bethlehem Township home where a young woman was found dead Wednesday afternoon, according to court records. Law enforcement authorities initially labeled the death suspicious, but have said little since.

Northampton County Coroner Zach Lysek told The Express Times that the name of the deceased is Amy Soule, 26, of Howard Street in Allentown, an employee of the Platinum Plus Gentleman’s Club on Airport Road, also in Allentown.

While an autopsy was completed today, Lysek said he is awaiting test results before releasing a cause and manner of the young woman’s death.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli would not comment on the investigation.

According to a search warrant Bethlehem Township police obtained, the death occurred at 3920 Country Club Road in the home of Chad Michael Delp, 36.

Delp told police he had been conversing with Soule by telephone and text for a year before he met Soule in person at the strip club Tuesday night. She accompanied him home after she got off work, Delp told police.

Delp said he left Soule behind when he went to work Wednesday morning and that she was dead in his bed when he got back home at a little after 1 p.m.

Police found Soule’s body nude, save for a pair of low-cut white socks. She was lying face down on top of the bed’s comforter and covered by a white blanket from the waist down, the search warrant said.

There were no “visible signs of trauma” to Soule’s body and rigor mortis had begun to set in when police arrived, the affidavit says.

A video camera was lying on the floor, near a television, between six and eight feet from the foot of the bed, the warrant said. Delp told police that he commonly videorecords women he has sex with, but that he had not recorded Soule that morning.

In the master bathroom, police reported, they found empty heroin packets. In a spare bedroom, police found white paper packets, commonly used to contain heroin, inside a purse found in a box of electronic parts and equipment.

Back in the spare bedroom, where Soule’s body was found, police found a glass pipe and a grinder, items commonly used to smoke marijuana. Though no charges had been filed against Delp as of Thursday, the search warrant indicated that he would be facing drug possession counts.

Among the items seized during the search were cell phones, laptop computers, a computer tower, an external hard drive, a zip drive, an iPad, a video recorder, memory discs, a flash drive, purses, women’s clothing, a handgun, a starter pistol, a gym bag holding three containers of green vegetable matter, a few handwritten notes and one book – “The World’s Most Evil Psychopaths.”

Anonymous December 12, 2012 at 02:32 PM
This is a very sad situation for all of us who knew her... But I do not see why her job had to make your title of the story Amy was a normal hard working person just like the rest of us her profession has nothing to do with who she was she always cared about others n always had a positive attitude and smile on her face every other article reconized her as a young women which she was .. I don't see why the media well actually only your article has to demean someone so great in the heading of your article
Anonymous December 12, 2012 at 02:34 PM
And as well only out a picture of Platnium instead of doing your job n finding a picture of her in remembrance u guysbr a disgrace to what has become of media and should be ashamed of the way u made this out to be


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