Driver Charged Following Crash at Flint Hill, Leithsville Roads

Lower Saucon Township Police say an Allentown man was cited for failure to proceed safely from a stop.

Lower Saucon Township Police said the driver of a "semi truck and trailer" was cited for failure to proceed safely from a stop after he allegedly caused an accident as he pulled onto Leithsville Road from Flint Hill Road.

In a news release, police said Robert Butterbaugh, of the 800 block of E. Paoli Street, Allentown, "observed a large vehicle indicating a right turn onto Flint Hill Road from Leithsville Road and did not see (a) smaller car behind that vehicle" as he pulled out from the intersection.

"Butterbaugh began pulling out to make a left turn onto Leithsville Road" and struck the rear panel of a car operated by a man from Springfield Township, Bucks County, police said.

The accident happened at about 2:20 p.m. Aug. 23, police added.

Photo: A screen shot of a Google Maps aerial view of the intersection of Flint Hill and Leithsville roads in Lower Saucon Township.


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