Why is That? Applebutter Road Detour Sign

A road construction sign that should help motorists travel away from the closed entrance to Applebutter Road actually appears to detour them toward it.

Detours are confusing enough without signs that point us in the wrong direction.

Which is why, when it comes to this bright orange road construction sign, we're asking "Why is that?"

Applebutter Road-bound motorists who exit I-78 at Route 412 in the City of Bethlehem could be misled by the sign, ostensibly installed to help detour them away from .

The scheduled detour in place while involves taking Route 412 to Cherry Lane to Easton Road to Lower Saucon Road to the eastern end of Applebutter Road in Lower Saucon Township.

However, in order to travel that route, a motorist northbound on Route 412 would need to turn around and head south, or in the opposite direction from what this sign appears to indicate is the "detour."

The detour information on display at this particular location would probably be somewhat less confusing to the average motorist if a sign stating that Applebutter Road is "Closed" were at least added to the mix.


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