Why Is That? A Very Tall Road Sign

Perhaps this directional sign mounted to a wooden pole in downtown Hellertown is meant especially for tractor-trailer drivers.

Giants have invaded Hellertown.

Or so it would seem, based upon the height of this directional sign mounted to a very tall wooden post on Main Street, across the street from Hellertown Borough Hall.

Patch wasn't able to measure the height of the wooden post, but it's probably about 10 feet tall and the sign is attached to the very top of it.

Perhaps it's been mounted so high to better help tractor-trailer drivers find their way to Seidersville and Center Valley, and out of Hellertown?

Dane Janas September 20, 2011 at 04:10 AM
Actually, I believe there were other signs on this pole at one point if my memory serves me right. I believe there was a Goodman Stadium/Stabler Arena directional sign to point right to turn at Water Street, and a Lehigh University one under that. Those signs seem to have vanished, but that could explain why the directional one is at the top.


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