Who Will Win Super Bowl XLVI?

It'll be the New York Giants vs. the New England Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012.

First, for those not current on their Roman Numerals, "XLVI" equates to 46 (L = 50 minus X = 10, plus v = 5 plus I =1). Romans must have had a good sense of humor about numbers.

Anyway, Super Bowl 46, on Feb. 5, will be a rematch of the 2008 game when the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots. (That was Super Bowl XLII = 42). In that game, Big Blue ruined a perfect season for the Pats with a 17-14 win.

It's rare to see someone sporting Pats colors here, but the Giants are well represented. Who do you predict will win Super Bowl XLVI?

Disgruntled Eagles and fans can feel free to check off No. 3, and then spout off in the comment stream.


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