Savvy Saver: Ways to Save on Fall Decorations

Skip the pricey craft and department stores. Here are some basic ways to cozy up your home while saving some serious moolah.

Every year around this time, the fall bug bites me. All of those bright orange, yellow and red decorations jump from store shelves screaming, “Buy me! I’ll look the best on your front door!”

Every year, I want to buy a brand new autumn-themed wreath. But wants and needs are two different things. I’m just too thrifty to drop $20 on something new to hang on my door every time the seasons change.

Here are some simple options for inexpensive autumn decorating. They might take a little more time and effort, but time is money, and in this case, worth every penny for a savvy fall-themed home.

Nature’s Bounty – Simply walk outside and see what you can use from your own back yard. If you live in town, go to a local park and take a stroll. Don’t forget to bring something in which to collect your treasures.

The fun thing about fall is that most décor is very natural--sticks, colorful leaves, acorns and pine cones. Gather anything that reminds you of the season and put on your creative hat. Use the internet to find fun ways to utilize these natural decorations.

Repurpose Cans and Glass Jars – Strip the paper labels off your soup, veggie and fruit containers to reveal new holders for the fall-themed décor you were able to collect from your yard.

Make simple arrangements and embellish the can/jar with autumn-themed ribbon. You can even use colorful dried leaves and glue them around the exterior surface.

Support the Local Farmers - The best prices for authentic pumpkins can be found at your local farm stands and . When you visit, keep an eye open for farmers selling gourds and pumpkins in addition to fruits and veggies.  

Most fall produce costs from as little as a quarter to as much as $6 for the biggest pumpkin in the lot. Sometimes it’s worth the splurge, especially if you’re planning to carve the world’s scariest Jack-O-Lantern!

These authentic decorations require very little creativity. Just set a large pumpkin next to a few gourds, add a little hay and some mini pumpkins and you’ve got a beautiful fall arrangement on your front porch for just a few bucks.

Better yet, this year’s pumpkin investment can be twofold. When the pumpkins aren’t quite so firm and are looking a bit past their prime, "plant" them in a part of your property where they might have a chance to drop their seeds. Make sure they have plenty of room to spread. They will naturally decompose through the year, no green thumb necessary. We often end up with pumpkins and gourds in places we didn’t even try to grow them!

Dollar Deals – Local always offer affordable holiday items such as ceramic pumpkins, synthetic leaves and colorful ribbons to embellish your homemade efforts. Don’t hesitate to stop by if you need just a little extra something to spruce up your homemade decorations.


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