Remembering Hellertown H.S. Class Day Exercises

Class Day Exercises for the Class of '57 were held June 3, 1957 at 8pm in the Hellertown High School auditorium.

How about another blast from the past featuring the Class of 1957 from Hellertown High School? One June 3 the graduating seniors celebrated another traditional Class Day Exercises production under the direction of teacher Mrs. Irene S. Toarey, class adviser. In '57 as of that date, my simple seventh grade mind was certainly not on this staging in the old auditorium of H.H.S. It was on '57 Chevies and the end of school for another year. In my thinking, pitching for the Sparks in Hellertown Little League, goin' fishin' and watching the Phillies were much more important.

However, class president Allen Sell, V.P. Robert Spotz, secretary Lillian Hinckley and treasurer Vida Helms hoped for a successful performance for parents, students, teachers and siblings comprising the audience.

And now for something completely the same--more name-dropping. First, as usual, Allen Sell delivered the address of welcome. Next, the class history, written by Lillian Hinckley, was shared by Phyllis Schrader and Mildred Weierbach.

I would guess that the next event, dancing was some jitterbug since Elvis, Fats Domino and many other performers, probably playing at Guro's on the jukebox after school, demonstrated not all parents' favorite music. The dancers included Joanne Smith, Michael McCall, Nancy Marcani and Edward Guro. I doubt if they performed ballet, but I wasn't an eyewitness.

Esther Brantley then sang "Summertime" from "Porgy and Bess" by herself. Baton twirling wowed the crowd, perfected by Sandra Bean and Judith Lewis. Rita Roseman performed a toe dance. Who else? Nowadays her hubby Charlie Bartolet tip-toes along Rails-to-Trails often.

Lillian Hinckley relaxed everyone by reciting the class poem; however, every eye was opened by Karyl Karba's accordian rendition, "Jolly Caballero."

Bette Lou Kutz, Esther Brantley and Lillian Hinckley combined to sing a medley, "A Tribute to Romberg." Following was a combo consisting of Sandra Kushner, John Parsons and Gregory Matz featuring "The World is Waiting for the Sunrise" and "Autumn in New York." I am too young to remember those tunes, not having graduated until '62 from the same school, although I well remember trekking along the towpath of the Delaware with Troop 19 and listening to "The Witch Doctor" on my portable Zenith transistor radio about '57.

The "Last Will and Testament" was read by Anita Filler, Robert Spotz and Marlene Mikulec, the last of whom in 2012 is the "Morning Call" advertising girl. Go "Lily!" Jane Turnbull then wowed the audience with her tap dancing skills. Next, Catherine Judd Solliday, Nancy Marcani, Judith Reichard and Sandra Kushner presented gifts to students and faculty.

Finally, the Class of '57 and audience combined for everyone's Alma Mater, i.e. for H.H.S. graduates. Remember those immortal words, "Though we journey far asunder...."


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