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The daily Patch newsletter helps you keep on top of all the news that affects you, right where you live!

Each month thousands of you visit Hellertown-Lower Saucon Patch in search of critical news and information about the Saucon Valley. And every day we publish timely, relevant stories about , , , ,  and so much more, including , , ,  and .

The problem is, if you only visit Hellertown Patch a few times a month you're probably missing out on much of the valuable information we provide--information that can help you lead a better life when it's timely.

Unfortunately, it's not always easy to remember to visit a particular website, especially when there is so much "stuff" online that's competing for your time and attention. But that's where the Patch newsletter comes in....

Patch's daily newsletter helps you remember to visit Patch and keeps you on top of local news with very little effort. (Bonus: You can also sign up for breaking news alerts and emails about Patch Deals when you sign up for the newsletter.)

This simple-but-powerful email tool delivers links to all the day's news to your inbox between 6 and 7am daily. You can then browse the headlines and click on whichever ones pique your curiosity.

For a snapshot of what a daily newsletter looks like, check out this page. And be sure to scroll all the way down in order to see the day's events listings, as well as a handy link that allows you to post your own events to the Patch calendar.

Brand new to Patch? Here's where you need to go to register an account (you will automatically be signed up to receive the daily newsletter unless you uncheck the box at the bottom of the form). Keep in mind that you'll need to be a registered user if you want to do lots of fun stuff on the site, like and post comments to stories.

Of course, another great (and recommended) way to keep on top of local news from Hellertown Patch is to follow us on Facebook by "liking" us. Once you like us, links to stories and announcements will show up in your activity stream.

Questions? Concerns? E-mail me at josh.popichak@patch.com.

Let me stress that when you sign up for the email newsletter, you don't need to worry about getting lots of additional email from us. And you can unsubscribe from the service if at any time you feel it's not meeting your needs.

Need more information about that? See Patch's privacy policy.


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