Letter: Rail Trail Sign Torn Down

Resident Lee Weidner says a sign that prohibits ATVs and dirt bikes on the Saucon Rail Trail in Hellertown was torn down, but has been rehung.

To the editor:

Gee, whiz, guess what I found discarded in the woods below Blinderman's of Hellertown? Lying there innocently lay a red and white sign posted by the Borough of Hellertown previously.

Once upon a time, a few years ago, the wooded areas nearby were to be sold to a notorious developer by certain borough officials. They, however, were thwarted by the citizenry who wished the woodland not to be sold and ruined.

Recently, citizens have had the pleasure of a beautiful walking and biking trail, only to be unlawfully invaded by ignorant dirt bikes with motors and ATVs. Well, it really was the riders who are ignorant, not the loud, speeding vehicles with no mind of their own.

Certain Neanderthal interlopers always try to ruin a good thing; in this case, the old and new trails through the Saucon Iron Park recreational area and quiet wildlife habitat reclaimed by nature during the last century.

Then arose citizens who were at odds with the gasoline-powered vehicles, which were racing through the environment and threatening people desiring exercise.

Borough officials placed boulders at the Thomas Avenue and Blinderman entrances to the trails to keep out ATVs and snowmobiles. This was a wise decision.

However, apparently ATV riders became disgruntled, tore down the sign and threw it into the woods below the recycling business. This was an unwise decision because it is against the law.

Incidentally, the salvaged sign--which has just been returned--reads, "NO ATVS, DIRT BIKES, SNOWMOBILES ALLOWED, Borough of Hellertown."

The stupid adult or child who tore down the sign does not give a damn about law, but some of us do. Keep the peace!

Lee Weidner



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