Letter: Poop Isn't Being Scooped on Rail Trail

Lee Weidner says the section of the Saucon Rail Trail between Water and Walnut streets in Hellertown is being ruined by someone who isn't cleaning up their dog's feces.

To the editor:

Hellertown Rails-to-Trails between Water and Walnut streets has become an eye- and nose-sore for the passerby. One irresponsible dog owner is using 150 feet along the west side of the trail as his or her private depository for the family canine's feces. Measurement of the piles and DNA test results have proven the single offender.

Why is it so difficult to carry a plastic bag to clean up your bow-wow's messes, you Hellertown scoundrel? Two memorial benches overlook the area, behind which are found great views of the Hellertown Marsh and a soccer field. You, fellow citizen, are a disgrace to humanity.

"Ordinance #484: Article III. Dogs" of the Borough Code in Subdivision #112-11 relates to "Responsibility for removing feces." "It shall be the immediate responsibility of the owner, custodian or keeper of the dog to clean up the feces discharged by the dog on any recreation grounds, sidewalks, streets and from the owner's private property."

Under "Subdivision 112-112, B. Violations and penalties," we read "Any owner, custodian or keeper of any dog who shall violate any of the provisions of #112-11 of this article may, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay (a) fine of not less than $100 nor more than $300 and costs of prosecution and, in default of payment of such fines and costs, to imprisonment for not more than five days."

Since this area has more than 30 deposits, I calculate that fines should total at least $3,000 or 150 days of imprisonment.

Lee Weidner



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