Letter: Hellertown's 'Stonehenge' Necessary

Borough resident Lee Weidner says he appreciates the boulder barricade erected at the north end of the Saucon Rail Trail. The wall's stated goal is to block access for ATV riders.

To the editor:

To me, it's fun to entertain the thought that in the 21st century, we need to revert to prehistoric tactics of the Stone Age to discourage the interlopers in the form of ATV drivers who wish to ruin the Hellertown portion of the Rails to Trails and disrupt the peace and quiet of the Thomas Iron wildlife refuge.

However, do whatever works. I appreciate the boulder barricade at the west end of Thomas Avenue and the efforts of those who placed it there. No ATVs will enter or leave the area by that route. Thank you. May the boulders prevail also at other locations. Let the Neanderthals be subdued. Stonehenge of Hellertown.

Lee Weidner



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