Letter: Citizens Must Step Up to Help Keep Trail Safe

Hellertown resident Lee Weidner says the public's help is needed to apprehend the people who continue to illegally ride motorized dirt bikes and ATVs on the Saucon Rail Trail.

To the Editor:

As a public safety concern, walkers and bike riders on the northern end of Hellertown's portion of Saucon Rails to Trails, beware of speeding motorized dirt bikes and ATVs. .

Anyone who observes or hears these vehicles should immediately phone the Northampton County non-emergency dispatcher at 610-759-2200 to request Hellertown Police assistance.

Hellertown Police Chief Robert Shupp has been working hard to apprehend offenders of the law in this area. Citizens' help is needed to quickly notify the police as soon as they hear or see these motorized vehicles before serious injury happens.

For instance, on the afternoon of Sept. 12 a young mother pushing her baby in a stroller was nearly hit head on. During the work week close encounters have occurred between 3:30pm and dusk. On weekends, one must beware from 8:30am to dusk.

The new trail has been literally chewed up by these uncaring, speeding vehicles. Walk from Water Street Park to Bachman Street to observe for yourself, or walk on the old trail and through the Cinderbanks if you dare.

The public's help is essential to solve this serious problem. Some people deem my efforts to be laughable, but I discount these individuals and realize their low intelligence.

Thank you.

Lee Weidner



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