Food for Romance

Are culinary aphrodisiacs myth or mystery?

I’m Chef Eric and here’s what’s on my plate this week:

Eating is one of our greatest pleasures in life. Food stimulates all our senses. Our sense of touch is stirred when we squeeze a ripe peach. Our sense of hearing is excited as the bacon sizzles in the pan or a thick steak hits the hot grates of the grill. Our sense of sight is aroused when we see fresh, colorful fruits. All senses are aroused by food.

But what of this promise of romance through food? The elegant presentation of caviar, succulent Pate de Fois Gras, lobster tail, Chateaubriand or a decadent dessert for two are said to stimulate our senses and create an aura of romance. However, there is no scientific proof connecting what we eat for dinner with any promise of romance afterwards. These "romantic" foods are merely suggestive and do not cause a specific reaction. It is the presentation and the ritual of the evening that creates an atmosphere of romance.

If you are going to splurge for that special loved one in your life, it is important to set the mood. If you are in the right mood and sharing the same vibes as your partner, you will enjoy the adventure of your meal. Order food that is described as fiery, spicy, steamy, creamy, luscious and gooey. Fan the flames of romance by savoring the moment and enjoying eachother's company and good food. Do not rely on food that is fabled to stimulate your libido.

Remember, none of this will be romantic if you don't maintain a healthy diet. A typical American diet of take-out food, highly saturated fats, processed carbohydrates and sugar is a libido-deflator.


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