Does Leithsville Need a Public Water Supply?

In light of the recent fatal accident and fire at the Leithsville Fire Company, do you think the Leithsville section of Lower Saucon Township should have municipal water services provided? If so, who should pay for the infrastructure, and how?

When the May 24, from throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

The tanker trucks were needed to fight the intense blaze because the Leithsville section of Lower Saucon Township is without fire hydrants.

Although the extension of public water lines to Leithsville would likely be costly, should public safety concerns merit a conversation about the issue? 

Do you think the village's proximity to Hellertown and the amount of traffic on Route 412 should be factors in any future conversations by elected officials?

If you support the idea of extending public water and sewer lines to Leithsville, how should the cost be covered, and by whom?

Tell us what you think by voting in the poll and leaving comments below.

Marie King June 19, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Couldn't you put in for a State Grant. Route 412 is a state highway. I know there are many State Grants applied for every year. I'm sure Leithsville (a little sub division) of Lower Saucon would qualify for some funding especially after the tragedy it experienced. If not our communities are really resourceful. Look what they do with Relay for Life. It just has to be a priority with a good leader.


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