How Strong is 60 MPH Wind?

Some structural damage can occur and trees may be uprooted if winds reach "storm" strength, according to the Beaufort Scale.

Forecasters say tropical storm conditions tonight and Sunday could bring wind gusts of 60 mph. So, what might that wind feel like?

The Beaufort Scale is used to measure wind speed. The scale uses a 1 through 12 rating for wind ranging from “calm” to “hurricane” force.

Here are some of the ratings:

Near Gale (32-38 mph) - Whole trees in motion, inconvenient to walk.

Gale (39-46 mph) - Difficult to walk against wind. Twigs and small branches blown off trees.

Strong Gale (47-54 mph) - Minor structural damage may occur (shingles blown off roofs).

Storm (55-63 mph) - Trees uprooted, structural damage likely.

Strong Storm (64-73 mph) - Widespread damage to structures.

Hurricane (74+ mph) - Severe structural damage to buildings, widespread devastation.


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