Controlling Your Controllable: Prudent Utility Consumption

Prudency pays off.

As much as frugality drives the behavior of being prudent has the potential to promote responsible consumption.  A prudent household or small business is responsible in its choices, striving to make the most of its scares resources namely earnings, time, labor and energy. As important as developing the discipline to is the ability to me mindful of utility consumption be it electricity, gas, water, automobile fuel, telephone, internet, or cell phone. Carefully evaluating what is the minimum utility requirement and running the household or small business accordingly will help with the monthly savings as well as promote responsible global citizenship by conserving nature’s scare’s resources.  


Conserving energy and water helps reduce the expenses of a household or small business thus stretching the earnings over a longer period to keep expenses under control.  Some proven techniques for expense control via consumption conservation are:

  • Energy – Electricity & Gas: Energy conservation and efficiency applies to both electricity and gas used by both households and small businesses. Conservation deals with reducing the consumption levels turning off lights in rooms not being used, doing dishes when there is a full load instead of daily, and maintaining a day-time and evening thermostat temperature. Efficiency means using less energy to get a task accomplished like using energy efficient bulbs and replacing old appliances with newer energy efficient ones. There are different tips available for summer compared to winter season as you will find out from this link.
  • Water Conservation: Good water is said to be one of the rapidly depleting natural resource and we know this because we have watering regulations in our communities to help with conservation. While this link provides 100 conservation tips for accomplishing it doing more with less is the general theme.
  • Automobile Fuel: Planning all activities and sharing resources like car pooling is one good way to keep auto fuel costs down.  Another important consideration is making travel plans using public transportation including Metra Rail. The energy consumption and conservation tips apply to auto fuel too.
  • Phone and Internet: What is the right plan for the family and establishing shared plans with usage limits are critical. Is there a need for both a land line and cell phone? Can internet costs be reduced by utilizing vendor locations such as Starbucks and Panera? These are some questions worth addressing during the planning stage.

I encourage the readers to share their proven bag of tricks that continue to help build on this list so that as a community of households and small businesses we can make a difference in ways that matter to us.

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