Why is That? Creek Road vs. Saucon Rail Trail

Why use Creek Road for jogging, walking and biking when the Saucon Rail Trail is mere steps away?

Have you ever noticed people walking, jogging or biking on Creek Road, which intersects with Friedensville Road just west of ?

If you drive this narrow country lane regularly you probably have, and you've probably also worried about not seeing someone walking, jogging or biking as you round a bend--especially in the warmer months, when the shade of many large trees darkens the thoroughfare.

There's no question that it's a scenic Saucon Valley byway (albeit in the City of Bethlehem), but Creek Road is far from pedestrian-friendly, and with the attractive, accessible so close by, one wonders what the lure of it is--especially for families.

Yes, families.

On one recent afternoon, I observed as a man riding a bike with a child seat attached to it and a baby in the seat (with no helmet on his/her head) was forced to the side of the road near the one-lane bridge that requires cars to "yield to oncoming traffic." The man was accompanied by a young girl on a bike, and all three of them were perilously close to traffic as they appeared to enjoy their bike ride.

With an increasing number of vehicles (including school buses and trucks) utilizing Creek Road as a "back way" to Hellertown and Lower Saucon--in order to avoid --it might be wise to reconsider this road's usefulness as a recreational route.

Regardless, motorists must always do their part by following the posted speed limit and remaining vigilant.

Beth Watt July 30, 2012 at 01:17 PM
People should stay off of Creek rd. unless u live on Creek Rd. Use the rail trail ..thats what its for. I used to live on Creek Rd.
Roger Jurczak July 30, 2012 at 06:19 PM
There seems to be confusion as to what a road is used for. Creek Road is a narrow [barley] two lane ROADWAY and yet because it is not that heavily used, it seems to draw pedestrians walking and bicyclists. Before someone walking or biking gets injured or killed perhaps the municipality with ownership should add signs restricting what is to use this roadway. The highways and interstates uses wording that restricts said places to vehicles only- and excludes [slow] buggies and bicycles due to the danger. There exists zero or minimal shoulder so it's just a matter of time before a disaster happens if some warning action isn't employed.
Moe Szyslak July 30, 2012 at 07:32 PM
@Charles Hampton - there are more pedestrians and cyclists that resent sharing the road with cars than not. The most egregious and common example are cyclists and pedestrians that do NOT stop at the trail stop signs before crossing the road! It is one thing to be in the crosswalk and have a car yield, but it is quite another to not stop at the crossing and look both ways. A car cannot stop quick enough to avoid the thoughtless individuals who don't stop before crossing the road at ANY crosswalk. These self-righteous individuals are of the same type who must be walking on this road. They will point the finger at anyone but themselves for an accident caused when they choose to be in harms way.
Marie King August 03, 2012 at 02:29 AM
People in general need to be considerate of others. It's a public road, like I tell my Grandson if there are no sidewalks or street lights its the country. Creek road is a little bit of country in our little town that has been expanding. I think the rail trail is nice, but not all bicyclists feel safe on little stones, they make it so easy to skid or slide. Not all walkers like those little stones in their shoes. We have Lehigh fields available also, yet it's so easy to tread an ankle on uneven terrain. Creek road has always been a nice way for those who know the back roads to escape traffic. It's becoming used more heavily, which will eventually lead to it extinction as a country road. My husband always said " Inability to adapt, leads to extinction." So I hope all can be considerate of each other and share the road. Maybe post signs stating pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles must share the road so be CONSIDERATE! SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER. I agree with Roger some warning action needs to be posted before its too late. Also the other topic I would like to address is why have those signs to get off the bike and walk it across the crossings if they don't enforce it. I know they gave $150.00 ticket to a driver for not stopping at the crosswalk when people approached. Yet I continually see the bicyclist slow down and they continue to cross without dismounting even when cars are approaching. I hope I'm not sorry I mentioned this, I don't want to be the example.
Mary Anne Looby August 30, 2012 at 11:37 AM
I love Creek Road. I often take it just to enjoy it's beauty. The horses grazing in the pastures are beautiful to look at. I can remember not too long ago when someone was raising Emu's. I am always aware of walkers and bikers and always give them the right of way.Afterall, I am behind the wheel of a large machine. If anything should be done I would suggest post either a weight limit on vehicles or posting no trucks or buses. Part of driving a school bus is the headache of traffic. Creek Road is two narrow for trucks and buses to be using it. It is a receipe for diaster.


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